Sleeping Monk Alpaca Farm


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I attended the Sleeping Monk Farm open house which was held the weekend of September 27, 2015 just as the alpacas were getting their monthly shots, dental care and manicures.

Injection time
Alpacas are at risk of the meningeal worm (Parelaphostrongylus tenuis ) or brainworm. A nasty parasite that that uses slug and snail slime as a vector to infect browsing animals such as deer, moose and elk. Alpacas are also at risk. Once a month they get an injection of Ivermectin.
Bystanders watch the activity in the barn.
Getting a haircut, taking a bit off the top knot which tends to cover the eyes.
Looking good after a trim. She was the only one that didn’t mind a pat on the head. The wool is incredibly thick.
Two more observers watch the activities in the barn.
The latest male cria at the farm, only one week old named Oliver’s Peruvian Atticus.
The material that the Alpaca browse on do not keep their teeth worn enough so a bit is taken off with a Dremel grinder. The animals were quite content with this dentistry.
Male alpacas might bite the gonads of rivals which I can only imagine is a painful thing. Keeping their teeth in trim helps a little with that.
Sue Evon administers a shot of Ivermectin.

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