Temple Harvest Fair – 2015

Temple Band

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The Autumnal Equinox is a day away (September 23, 2015 at 4:21).  The town of Temple, NH held their annual Harvest Fair on Sunday, September 20th and there was a definite fall feel in the air. The weather was cool and crisp with a brilliantly blue sky.

Temple Town Hall
Temple, NH Town Hall. We hold our bluegrass jams in this historic building during the cooler months of the year.
Chicken BBQ
The Temple Fire Department hosts the annual chicken BBQ. There was at least one time when they had to break away to respond to a fire.
A truly scary scarecrow in the town common
Mike Ordway
Local Musician Mike Ordway entertained the fair attendees as an opening act for the Temple Town Band. Mike and Maureen run the Mason Brook Nursery in Mason, NH.
Temple Democrats
Interesting juxtaposition of the sign and cannon. In the interest of fairness I looked for a Republican group but none was in attendance.
Information about the proposed NED Natural Gas Pipeline that will run through Southern New Hampshire. The town of Temple is not in the direct path but an elementary school is not far from the site of a proposed 40,000 HP compressor station to be located in New Ipswich, NH.
It’s not often that you see an alpaca at a town fair, but a few were in attendance. They seemed agitated and were vocalizing with a humming sound. Some think the humming is a sign of contentment, but actually they hum at various volumes and frequencies when they are in a bit of distress. Mothers click and hum quietly to to their crias for the first weeks and he cria often hums softly back.

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