Look what I saw at the Green Center!

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September 12, 2015 Edition

The Green Center is the name we gave to our recycling center in the town of New Ipswich, NH. We accept usable household goods, clothing, tools, CDs, DVDs and make them available to residents of New Ipswich and Greenville for no charge (but donations are accepted).

The entire operation is run by volunteers. Occasionally I’ll work a Saturday shift which is fun. I believe in keeping things out of the landfills especially when it has some value to other folks.

Green Center Hours 9-12 (for Greenville / New Ipswich residents only)

Open on these Saturday Mornings in 2015  (NOTE: Mostly alternating Saturdays).

Sep 12 – I was working

Sep 26

Oct 3
Oct 17
Oct 31 – come in costume
Nov 7
Nov 21
Dec 5
Dec 12
Dec 19 (weather permitting)

As always, please only leave donations when the Green Center is open. If you’ve got something big, please check with the volunteers before unloading as there isn’t always room for big items.

Green Center
I was surprised that this Teddy Bear lamp wasn’t picked up. It was in good condition.
Green Center
There are plenty of Halloween items available. Seasonable items go quickly.
Surround sound speakers anyone? Too late these were snatched up on the 12th.
CB radios
A blast from the past when I saw the CBs come in. They didn’t last long. Taken.
Much of our time is spent trying figure what things are. This is some kind of exercise device or perhaps a downed UFO.
Ski NH
Lots of skies are available both downhill and X-Country.
Green Center
Very small Snow White dress
Green Center
Small Sleeping Beauty dress
Green Center
Make your own seltzer water. I believe the CO2 cartridges are available from Walmart.

glasses Fun glasses for fun summer rum and fruit based rum drinks


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