Dublin Gas Engine Meet – 2015


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POP whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh POP

That is the distinctive sound of the one lunger gasoline engines at the 44th Dublin Gas Engine Meet in Dublin, New Hampshire. This meet had all kinds of interesting farm machines from a bygone era, antique tractors and everything seemed to be spinning and belching smoke, a real treat for folks who like machines.

A parade of tractors at the 44th Dublin Gas Engine Meet. A commentator gave a description of each model.
Cutting firewood with a belt driven saw. It’s important to pay attention when doing this.
Besides tractors and engines there were a few antique cars and plenty of chrome.
Toy steam driven models. I would have like to see these in operation.
Amazing ornamentation on this sewing machine.
This reminded me of bug eyes. Antique Caterpillar tractor.
Classic Aermotor Windmill on the back of truck. This company has been around since 1888.
When I was a kid I had a toy steam shovel like this. How exciting to see it in operation (see video).
One of the many one-lunger gasoline engines. One common feature is the large cast iron flywheel and the sound.
Need parts? There were plenty of vendors. Imagine how full their garages are.
Of all the machines I saw these antique fans were the most interesting. I was looking for the wires when I realized they are driven by hot air motors powered by propane (probably originally kerosene). Hot air motors are also called Sterling Engines.
The Ericsson style hot air engine is a “beta” engine, which contains both the power piston and displacer within one cylinder. The cylinder has a hot end, within the firebox, and a cold end, surrounded by a water jacket. As the air is heated within the cylinder, the air expands, driving the piston upward. The displacer next moves downward, pushing the air from the hot side into the cool side of the cylinder. The air then contracts, pulling the piston downward. The displacer then moves the air from the cool side to the hot side, the cycle begins again

Stirling Animation.gif
Stirling Animation” by YK Times at English Wikipedia. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Commons.

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