UFO Festival celebrates the 50th anniversary of the famous 1965 sighting in Exeter, NH

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On September 5, 2015 I attended the annual UFO Festival  held in Exeter, NH. This year marked the 50th year since Norman Muscarello reported to Exeter Police that he saw a UFO behind a barn in Exeter. The event is sponsored by the Kiwanis club which raises funds for children. There were T-Shirts, music, posters, books and guest speakers.

My primary goal in attending the festival was finding the spot where Norman had seen the UFO 50 years ago. Armed with a handy UFO Safari Map I ventured out.

Dean Merchant
Dean Merchant being interviewed by a Union-Leader Reporter. Dean was described as Mr. UFO in an article in the September edition of New Hampshire Magazine. Dean and his wife created the Exeter UFO festival in 2009.
Charles Creteau and Dean Merchant stand in front of the field where Norman saw the UFO in 1965. It was a delight to meet Dean I had a number of questions about this event since it was supposedly debunked by the Skeptical Inquirer in 2011. However I remain a believer since I can’t believe a U.S. Air Force KC-97 would be buzzing this field at 300 feet and produce NO NOISE.
In the 1965 police report of the incident, it was noted that this farmhouse was brightly lit in an orange light. Norman knocked frantically on the door but the inhabitants didn’t answer, probably because it was almost 3 AM and they assumed he was drunk
Artist’s depiction of the 1965 Incident taken from the police reports. The craft was so close that Patrolman Bertrand raised his service revolver. Dean commissioned local artist Roseann Meserve to paint this.
UFO clipping from 1965
The exact location of the sighting can be verified because Patrolman Bertrand included Telephone pole number #668. This is the replacement pole. Find this on Google Maps Street View
Charles Creteau models the T-Shirt from his organization Seacoast Saucers of New Hampshire
It wouldn’t be a Festival without a T-Shirt. I just had to get this one, all for charity.
Something for everyone at the festival
Using my UFO Safari Map I traveled along some of the back roads that were considered “hot spots” and were marked with red stars. I noted how quiet it was. The entire area has a reputation as a UFO portal and one could see how that might happen. Traveling back home I discovered that my GPS was completely useless until I was out of Exeter. This photo was taken on the Better Hill Hybrid Loop on Stumpfield Road (I added the effect).

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