Incident at Exeter – 50th Anniversary


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Cathedral of the Pines in IR
If I had an encounter I would want it too look like this when they arrived.

“At 2:24 A.M. on September 3, 1965, Norman Muscarello, three weeks from joining the Navy, plunged into the Exeter police station in a state of near shock. He was white and shaking. Patrolman Reginald “Scratch” Toland, on duty at the desk helped him light a cigarette before he calmed down enough to talk”

Norman told of an object which he called “The Thing” which came out of sky and chased him. When the police went to investigate the site they witnessed what appeared to be a UFO over the field. There were over 60 sightings of UFOs over the coming weeks and the Exeter sightings are considered “one of the best-documented UFO accounts on record” (APRO Bulletin 1965) and “one of the most spectacular and best-corroborated UFO close encounters of all time” (Davenport and Geremia 2001). In October of 2002 The National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomena  (NICAP) published a briefing document  about the Exeter UFO Sightings.

The Skeptical Inquirer published an article in their November/December edition that they had solved the case of the ‘Exeter Incident’. They claim that the sighting was actually a U.S. Air Force KC-97 refueling tanker but I want to believe.

Exeter will be holding a 50th Anniversary UFO Festival from Friday, Sept. 4th – Sunday Sept. 6th, 2015. I plan to attend on Saturday.


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