Presidential Candidate John Kasich in Peterborough, NH

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2016 is a presidential election year and and candidates are pouring into our state. I had the opportunity was able to see John Kasich at the Monadnock Country Club in Peterborough, NH. Kasich is campaigning for the Republican nomination for president.

For more information about his public statements and record use the link On The Issues.

Kasich seemed comfortable with the town hall format and spent most of his time introducing himself to the voters. He stressed his upbringing as the son of a mailman and interest in politics from an early age.
Kasich answered questions directly which was a refreshing change from other politicians. He was challenged about his statement of a 10% recidivism rate for Ohio low offender rate. Their program is a success but the 10% figure is actually based upon a reduction against the national average of 40-44%. As of March 5, 2014 the recidivism rate for Ohio was 27.1%
I questioned him on the possibility of war with Iran and he responded that he was against that, yet he supports U.S. Troops to engage directly with Isis and Islamic Militants. He rejects the Iran treaty that was negotiated by Secretary John Kerry.
John Kasich
Kasich takes a question about Saudi relationship with the Bush family in 2001.
Kasich on energy
Kasich mentioned that fracking technology had let to America’s independence in energy. This prompted several voters to mention that he needs to inform himself of local issues such as the proposed pipeline project planned for Southern NH. Kasich expressed his opposition to the use of eminent domain for these type of projects but did not elaborate.
John Kasich
John Kasich meets the voters and poses for selfies
Kasich spoke about the environment, referring to both Pope Francis and Francis Assisi

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