Flora of Coast Guard Beach


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After folks get off the shuttle and head to the beach, I wonder how many take a look at the plants that line the path. The environment is harsh, pure sand, intense sunlight and salt spray. Not exactly the best environment for plant life.

Rosa rugosa
Beach Rose – Rosa rugosa My favorite rose which I grow in my garden. It has a wonderful scent which sadly has been bred out of cultivated varieties. Probably the most recognizable of the plants that grow in sand.
Lavender Flowers
Unknown Variety – Sometimes it is easy to overlook to small flowers which we usually call weeds, but they have their own beauty.
Unknown Variety – This may be chicory, great color
Juniper Berries – This juniper tree was loaded with berries.
Concord Grape – In the mass of plants on the path, grape vines battled bindweed vines for dominance.
The only time to see snails at beach is early in the morning. This fellow is on a grape leaf.
Calystegia (Bindweed). Considered an invasive pest. However seems to help with erosion along the shore.

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