Amazing Flower Farm

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The 154th New Ipswich Children’s Fair will be held on August 15th, 2015 at the New Ipswich Congregational Church at 150 Main Street.

I am the co-chair of the Garden Shop and we’ll be offering a variety of flowers, houseplants, perennials for sale at the Fair. All items are donated by local nurseries and individuals. In the remaining weeks I want to feature some of the merchants who have made donations in past years.

This post features photos of the Amazing Flower Farm.

Ara Lyn
Ara Lynn tending the hanging baskets, a specialty at Amazing Flower Farm
Always plenty of color at the greenhouse at the farm
Amazing Flower Farm
Shopping with Mom for flowers at the farm
Chicken Gold
Shoveling pure chicken “gold”, the magic material that makes your plants grow. Available in convenient bags. Get them while they last.
Hen and Chickens
Other plants are available too, sedums, vegetables and nursery plants.
Busy as a bee. Not uncommon to see bees and hummingbirds in the greenhouse. No harmful chemicals are used at the farm.

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