New Hampshire Daylily, New Ipswich, NH

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The 154th New Ipswich Children’s Fair will be held on August 15th, 2015 at the New Ipswich Congregational Church at 150 Main Street.

I am the co-chair of the Garden Shop and we’ll be offering a variety of flowers, houseplants, perennials for sale at the Fair. All items are donated by local nurseries and individuals. In the remaining weeks I want to feature some of the merchants who have made donations in past years.

This post features photos of the NH Daylily farm.

NH Daylily
NH Daylily is located at 48 Mason Road in New Ipswich. Please call 603-878-2438 if you would like to schedule a tour of the garden.
Gary and Cathy have a wonderful farm, with vegetables, fruit and honey.
Purple Daylily
The daylilies are field grown. You can purchase flowers and Cathy and pick them up later in fall when temperatures are cooler and more conducive for transplanting.
bi-color daylily
A great selection of named varieties are available. However I was too lazy to label these photos.
Purple daylily
This variety impressed me with the size of the flowers, quite unusual.
Daylilys are one of my favorite perennials. They are colorful, easy to grow, pest free and are attractive to butterflies.
Yellow daylily
At the time of the fair most of the daylilies will NOT be in bloom. However we usually have photos for reference,
Orange Daylilies
The farm is a circa 1800 farmhouse, known in the history books as the Davis-Russell House, was a gift to the Johnsons from our dear friend, Bud, when he passed away in 2007. His parents, Al and Gladys Hobbs purchased the property in the late 1950’s. Al had a passion for daylilies. We believe that Al tried to hybridize new lilies but we have found no records of him registering any new lilies.
Troybuilt Rototiller
Schedule a visit, chat with Cathy and Gary. Visit me at the Children’s Fair and pick up some daylilies.

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