Name that fern


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I went on a short hike with a group of botanist who were helpful in identifying some local flora. We were looking for some native orchids and found what remained of them after the deer had consumed them.
One group of plants that I always have problems identifying are ferns. They are so similar in form that I get confused. I’m posting this hoping for some help. I’ll update the posting as I get more information.

Mystery Fern 1 – Along a stream in Ashburnham, MA

Mystery Fern 2
Mystery Fern 3

This is one of my own transplants from Connecticut, I believe it is called Christmas Fern

Mystery Fern 4
This is possibly an Ostrich Fern which I had planted years ago.
I did NOT plant the poison ivy  next to it, I got that for free
This should be an easy one to identify since it has these long stems
Mystery Fern 5

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