Bronson Potter

“Clutter, a free spirit, and a have-fun attitude leads to real creativity” – Bronson Potter

Bronson Potter lived in Mason NH from 1960 to his death in 2004. He was an inventor, writer of children’s books, and an eccentric. He invented the sonalert a device that produced a beep sound which was used in smoke alarms, McDonald french fry machines, Boeing 747s, Polaroid cameras and rockets fired from Cape Canaveral.

He invented a liquid analyzer after observing that the bubbles of Schlitz and Miller beers made different sounds when they popped. This invention was used in testing blood serum

One story that is told about Potter was that he arrived in a fancy New York department store and asked to see a Polaroid Camera. He disassembled the device to the dismay of the salesperson and discovered that Polaroid had violated his patent rights. He sued for a large sum. He used the money to purchase 500 acres in Mason, NH.

He was a Harvard English Literature graduate who once beat John Updike in a short story contest. “Updike has never forgiven me” claims Potter. He had no formal training in electronics or engineering but that isn’t evident after seeing his cabin.

Three years after Potter died the Mason Fire Department and Conservation Commission held a yard sale at his cabin. I was one of the lucky folks who got to see this place, full of inventions, old telephones, fire extinguishers, electronic items and clutter. The funds were used to erect an engraved tombstone.

Potter donated the land and his money to the Mason Fire Department and Conservation Commission.

Bronson Potter Grave by John Poltrack on
Grave is located in Mason NH


To Learn more about Potter and Mason:


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