June Flowers

The garden is in full bloom. Amazing how much growth and color has appear in the last couple of months after our endless winter.

Photograph Sarracenia purpurea by John Poltrack on 500px

I’m amazed by the engineering of the pitcher plant flowers. They seem as complex as any orchid, a maze that the insects navigate to get to the nectar. They don’t have any scent that I can detect. Meanwhile the traps below are eating flies and other insects. Life and death in one plant.

Photograph Peony by John Poltrack on 500px

What is not to love about the peony? No insect problems, long lived, beautiful, fragrant. dies back to nothing in the fall and returns in full beauty.

I rescued this particular plant from Walmart, where is was in a plastic bag near a drain pipe, completely saturated and sold with a large discount. The poor thing would have died with their care. A decade later and it still going strong.

Photograph Iris by John Poltrack on 500px
Another carefree perennial is the Japanese Iris. It is tougher than the bearded variety and I have a few different colors, but blue is the most common.

Photograph Wild Garden by John Poltrack on 500px

Originally I had a lower garden which I have pretty much abandoned in favor of one nearer the house. Thankfully Lupines have taken up residence. Later they will be followed with self seeded foxglove.

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2 thoughts on “June Flowers

  1. My deep magenta Peonies have no scent! And several are not budding/blooming this year. I know they don’t like to be transplanted but I am thinking they want more sun. I have let lawn give way to a large area of milkweed in support of the Monarch butterflies.


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