June in full bloom

One of the miracles of Spring in New Hampshire is the return of green growing flowering plants. It was a tough winter but June make it all worthwhile, with an explosion of  greenery and flowers. Let’s take a tour of my garden.

I’ve tried for some years to grow Baptisia from seed, finally I relented and bought a plant. It is doing well. Always nice to find a flower that is somewhat blue.

Photograph Final Approach by John Poltrack on 500px

Final Approach by John Poltrack on 500px

I was watching the bumblebees working the Lupine flowers. Tried to get this guy in focus.

Photograph Rhododendron by John Poltrack on 500px

Rhododendron by John Poltrack on 500px

Not all the Rhododendron shrubs made  it without some serious winter damage but this one did fine.

Years ago I started with just a few Lupine plants after seeing them in Nova Scotia growing by the roadside. Each year I spread the seeds randomly and manage to have this June display. Over the years they have reverted to blue, with a few pink varieties,

I’m one of the chairman of the Garden Shop at the annual Children’s Fair here in New Ipswich every August.This is one of the regular plants donated each year.

Our state flower, the lilac. This variety is a bit unusual, it bloom later. It is very fragrant.Betsy Thoms gave it to many years ago when we worked together at the Children’s Fair.

A few years I put in a bog garden of peat moss, sand with a partial liner. I have one great pitcher plant that blooms each year with a very strange flower. These plants eat bugs but don’t eat their pollinators (or do they?).

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