Along the Pacific Coastline

Explore the Oregon Coastline at

In the early 1970s I traveled up the Pacific Coastline from Imperial Beach in California to the Olympic Rain Forest in Washington State. It was an epic trip for me since I love the coast. This photo was probably taken somewhere in Oregon. In retrospect I wish I had taken notes about the photos. Unlike digital photography there are no time stamps or EXIF data.

I’m especially curious which lens I used to get this depth of field. I may have shot this at f/32.

I was dismayed to see that once again our beautiful coastline has been befouled by oil near the site of the historic spill in 1969 (Refugio State Beach). Plains All American subsidiary is responsible for the latest spill in California. It has been responsible for nearly $24 million in property damages in the last 10 years. For this they paid a paltry fine of $284,500 in enforcement actions.

I remember some of the effects of the Santa Barbara spill that occurred in 1969. In 1970-71 I was stationed 229 miles south of the spill at NAS Ream Field in Imperial Beach. I would walk the beach when I was off duty and would occasionally step on an oil blog, a tarry mess that needed to be removed with a solvent. This stuff doesn’t disappear.


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