New Ipswich Cleanup Day


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Fashionable volunteer passes out blue trash bags for folks to use to pick up roadside litter

Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to do this?

Suspicious trash on River Road, any idea what it is? Looks illegal

Susan Williams (R) and friends cleaning up River Road

Poor spotted newts got trapped in a minnow trap. They were rescued by Matt Patterson (below) our local artist and naturist

Matt Patterson and Susan William discuss art, both are members of the New Ipswich Artist League

// Matt did the illustrations for this book that he wrote with his dad. His current work includes paintings of reptiles and amphibians. It seemed fitting that he saved the newts from certain death

Deb Holmes (L) head of the Rec Department organized this event

Possible Cormorant sighting at Waterloom

I noticed this bird on the the tree while on River Road. Sadly I don’t have a telephoto lens. It is on my wish list.

Wildlife is one reason we want to keep our town as natural as possible

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