Chess Tournament at Bonyton Middle School

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I stopped by to watch a bit of the Chess Tournament held at Boynton Middle School. They managed to squeeze in the competition before the snow started in earnest. I’m a big fan of chess, remembering playing against my cousin. My strategy was to inflict maximum damage to my enemy. Any of these kids would mop me up in three moves.

Black bishop appears on the sideline as a casualty

One parent spend her time fighting a computer

My buddy Parker on the right studying the board

Eyes on the prize – Gold Medals

Ninja chess master

Parker deep in thought

A rook (not castle which is considered as “old fashioned”)

An official who looks the part right down to a chess tie

In the Skittle Room one could find bigger chess pieces

Skittle Room

I think I could beat this guy

One more item to report. When I got home I discovered to my dismay that I had misplaced my wallet. I’m haunted by the chores involved in getting a new driver’s license, medical alert card, credit cards, insurance cards etc etc. I’m not sure where or how this happened but I would so grateful if someone comes across this.

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