New Ipswich Photo Club – Model Session

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Thanks to Tim Boyle for hosting a photo shoot for the New Ipswich Photo Club. We had the the opportunity to try our hand at studio photography at his residence. Thanks to our models Ashley Marie Ham and Madeline Arpin for agreeing to subject themselves to a group of shutterbugs.
When I try to take photos of my family members they usually hide their face or run away, this was a unique opportunity for me.
The New Ipswich Photo club meets on the second Wednesday of the month at the New Ipswich Library from 6 – 8 PM.
Imagine having this crew pointing cameras at you
The Paparazzi from New Ipswich
This photo of Ashley was taken with a camera that I had converted to infrared
It had an interesting color rendition

Madeline designs clothes and had the opportunity to model some them for the photos
The light was wonderful, lots of windows with great shadows


Stop taking my picture!

Another infrared photo of Ashley

It’s always a challenge to take photos into the light but the auto exposure lock saved the day

Another high key photo of Ashley
Overexposing the photo did a good job of obscuring  the parking lot

This place had a great floor, my only non-model photo

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