Tired of winter?


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It’s the “morning after” the blizzard of 2015. I awoke to a chilly 6 degrees F (-14 C) here in New Ipswich, NH.  Like so many others, I’ll be spending the day digging out a car and shoveling a path to find the snow blower which probably won’t start. Still we were lucky, no wind, no loss of power, no flooding and less snow than the coastal areas.
I will be posting some snow pictures eventually but this morning as I drink a coffee and look at the snow drifts, I decided to choose a few from May of 2009 when we attended a wedding in Bimini. Just 51 days till Spring,

I Had the opportunity to see part of the submerged Bimini Road as described by Edgar Cayce
No snow here
Rum based fruit drinks

No snow drifts to clear
My wife and daughter enjoying the “infinity” pool

Sky – Sea – Sand 

Now back to our regular programming, where is that snow shovel?

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