PoltrackNet Discussion Groups revisited (Now with categories)

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When I launched this blog in 2006 I also created a discussion group for the family. Unlike the blog this was restricted to members. Google hasn’t done much development with this application but it is still very useful for organizing and sharing information in a private way, ideal for families.
One problem with Blogger and Google Sites (websites) is a lack of good email integration. Google groups has a mechanism to allow members to receive updates about postings (if they want them).
The family group is Poltrack Family Forum which is open to family members, spouses and their closest friends.
The general group is PoltrackNet Discussion Forum which is open to folk who wish to discuss items I have posted on the blog and anything else that may be interest. 
Both forums can be accessed from this blog (on a desktop, not mobile) via the menu items on the top.
Both forums are moderated meaning a certain level of civility is expected. This isn’t YouTube or Facebook.
Here are a few items on the main screen
  • The initial view shows categories but no topics. Click on a topic to drill down to an area of interest
  • Show all topics does exactly what you expect it would (arranged with newest first
  • The “Search for topics” (blue magnifying glass). This is a Google product and the search works!

PoltrackNet screenshot

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