Throwback Thursday (featuring the DDIF canoe photos)

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-10 degrees F this morning

In the late 80s I worked in the Image Library Engineering group at Digital Equipment Corporation in Merrimack, NH. We worked on developing software to process images. We had a variety of files of medical photos and other fun items. When the kit was shipped to customers we decided to add a few more of own.
These photos were lost for some time and because they were stored in the proprietary file format we thought we would never see them again. However thanks to a co-worker’s diligence, once again they are available to the world.
Digital had organized a canoe  race on the largest pond on the campus in Merrimack, NH and we participated. We won the first round but the paddlers decided the effort was not worth the glory and we spend the remaining time trying to attack the other canoeists. I manned a high pressure trombone sprayer which had a much better range than the pathetic water pistols of the other participants.
One again I have the pleasure of working with these folks on innovative software at SeaStreet Technologies.  The office park has a large pond but I doubt we’d be allowed to use it for canoeing.

Bernie Tagariello, myself and John Weber
John is wearing a wind surfing flotation device
We were unconventional in every way 
I’m holding my trusty trombone sprayer
Notice John’s shirt. In a re-organization we were absorbed by a group called CSG.
They insisted that we attend some silly meeting against our will. John wore the shirt much to the chagrin of our management.


Another item for #TBT

August 6, 1965

When I was deployed on the USS Bon Homme Richard in  1970 My folks sent me a copy of Life Magazine which has run a photo essay about the Navy in Vietnam which featured my ship.

I finally got around to scanning the articles since the magazine was quickly deteriorating.
There are some great advertisements such as this kid chugging down a bottle of Tab

The good news is that there is little evidence that  saccharin causes bladder cancer so this lucky child is probably going to be okay.

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