Raptor vomit stocking stuffer (great gift idea)

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What did you get in your Christmas stocking? Was it a lump of coal? How about a few lottery tickets and a chocolate bar?
My friend gave his family owl pellets and a dissection kit. They are available from the fun website American Science and Surplus. The product descriptions are inspired.

Raptor vomit. Okay, owl pellets. Common barn-owl pellets actually, but don’t call them common to their face. You get (2) pellets, each with a (usually) complete rodent skeleton that the owl couldn’t digest, plus a small pair of rubber gloves, a pair of 5″ plastic tweezers, a 6″ long pointed stick and an 8-page fact sheet to help you reassemble said skeleton. Regurgitated in the USA.

Watch Mike Rowe collect Owl Vomit on Dirty Jobs
I took some photos after the successful dissection
This is probably the remains of a vole

The thigh bone is connected to the hip bone

What I find interesting about this gift is the knowledge that it is someone’s job to collect owl vomit.
That is the job for me (I have looked around bases of trees)

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