Friday Photo Themes – (The Post Christmas Edition)

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I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. Santa brought me a few photo toys, so I’m hoping to create some unique photos in the coming year.
Today is #FloralFriday and I was please to see the start of the blooms for some of my Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera),  I have a few cultivars and I’m looking forward to seeing the yellow flowering one that my sister gave me.

Evolvulus pilosus ‘Blue Daze’
What a great houseplant, it was been flowering continuously since I got it at the Children’s Fair in August

Still more bud forming on the camellia

#FoodFriday – One of the tasty meal at Christmas at our Yankee Swap

New theme for this blog #FisheyeFriday
My son gave me an add-one Fisheye lens attachment, this is going to be a fun toy.
Christmas cactus in bloom. The cultivar is in the Truncata Group (more pointed leaves, yellow pollen)
Another earlier bloom of the Evolvulus pilosus ‘Blue Daze’

Guilty as charged!
Thanks Bizarro

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