Fitzwilliam NH Pipeline Protest

// 5 Days till Christmas

Concerned citizens of Fitzwilliam and other towns in the Monadnock Region gathered on the town common in Fitzwilliam to display signs to passing motorists (who responded with car horns). There were email signup sheets, signs for sale, petitions to be sent to Governor Hassan and blank cards addressed to FERC.
It was a cold afternoon but the crowd was enthusiastic about protecting our homes from this ill conceived enterprise.
Links to organizations, websites and other resources have been posted on my website

Town common on a chilly December morning

Fitzwilliam has a picturesque town common, note the town hall in the rear (1858)

The garbage can was used to give an idea of the size of the pipe. However the actual pipe planned is 36 inches in diameter rather than the 27 inches of the green barrel. It seems apparent the the real purpose of the pipeline is transferring gas for export to profitable European markets.

Fitzwilliam Selectman Chris Holman (with bow tie) was at the rally.
Selectman Holman does not usually dress this way, he was headed to a wedding. 

No Fracking Way!

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