Look what I saw at the Green Center!

I’ve seen some wonderful items at the center over the five years it has been in operation and it occurred to me that I should start sharing these on my blog. Some are useful, some are just strange, but all were donated. This is the first in an ongoing series. 

Isn’t this magnificent? My friend obtained this lovely sculpture a while back
I’m hoping he uses it for a Yankee Swap item so I can have a chance to get it.

What a find! Susanne D. showed me this today (Dec 13)
Not sure what it is supposed to be, but she intends to add antlers for Christmas

I saw a rainbow today in the clothing area courtesy of the intrepid clothing sorting volunteers

The New Ipswich Green Center is located in the building behind the infamous mold infested Building Two , which is  is behind the town offices on Turnpike Road. It is open on most Saturdays from 9 -1 2. It s closed on weekends adjacent to holidays and in cases of inclement weather. It is a wonderful volunteer effort and I enjoy helping out when I get the chance. It is a place to donate used clothing and household goods, and also to “shop”. There is no charge for items, but donations are always welcome (which pay for supplies and heat).

It is open to residents of Greenville and New Ipswich only.

The Green Center will be open on December 20th but closed on December 27th

One serious comment before I complete this posting. The Green Center received a very  nice Christmas Greeting thanking the volunteers for their efforts in making this a success. I know this helps families by providing good quality goods at a reasonable price (FREE is reasonable).  It is a homegrown community effort and is something that we can proud of.

See you at the GC.

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