Thursday Photo Themes (including one for #ThrowbackThursday)

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7 days till Thanksgiving

Horan Avenue Days in Stamford, CT
Like other kids I kept hoping to find an old baby carriage so I could get the wheels to make a soapbox car.  I actually rode this thing down the street and managed not to die. Notice the lack of a brake. Braking was usually accomplished with a board pivoted on the main support. Pull back to get the board to drag against the street.

One for #LighthouseThursday that doesn’t feature a lighthouse, but some history about the famous Portland Light Lighthouse

Kousa dogwood leaves in the fall

Rocky Coast of Maine at Cape Elizabeth

Close to home on our morning walk
A bit of photo alteration for fun

Elecampane, a medicinal plant growing in my garden

Find more about Weather in New Ipswich, NH
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