Stamford’s World War II Service Roll: "A Reconstructed List of Names"

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I was delighted to read an article in the Stamford Advocate about efforts of Ron Marcus and Dan Burke who spent four years collecting over 10,000 names of Stamford residents who served in WWII.

The Service Roll was demolished and the individual markers were bulldozed into oblivion. I was aware of the Service and proud to see my dad and relatives on the markers. However they missed my Aunt Adeline who served in the Waves.

Dan Burke is known to our family and he runs the very popular Facebook group If you’re really from Stamford (CT) you’d know ….

The UPDATED list is available on Stamford Historical Society Website
And it finally includes my Aunt Adeline

Poltrack Albert John 7 Warren St. USCG X X
Poltrack Adeline O. 16 Willow St. WAVE X X
Poltrack Anthony Dennis 16 Willow St. USA X X
Poltrack Anthony Stanley 6 Rugby St, USA X X X
Poltrack Edward Philip 16 Willow St. USA X X
Poltrack Francis John Mark 16 Willow St. USMC X X
Poltrack Frank 192 Ludlow St. USN X X
Poltrack Henry Benedict 9 Rugby St. USA X X vol 9 #19 p19
Poltrack John Adam 34 Lockwood Ave. USAAC X X
Poltrack Joseph Marion 9 Rugby St. USN X X X
Poltrack Thomas Francis 34 Lockwood Ave. USA X X vol 9 #20 p 18

Stamford Service Roll in 1943

My Dad (second POLTRACK on list)
An oversight, they didn’t list my Aunt Adeline

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