Halloween Countdown – 3 days to go

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Read about Pine Hill Cemetery in Hollis, nicknamed “Blood Cemetery”

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weather station provided by Sheepsfields Farm

One more item about something that really was scary, POLIO
Today marks the 100th birthday of Jonas Salk the researcher that brought the vaccine to the world.
When I was a kid this was the scariest thing that existed, since we knew kids (including one of my cousins) who would get it. We would see images of Iron Lungs and paralyzed kids on TV.

I was a “Polio Pioneer“, one of the children in 1954-55 to participate in the first injections of the vaccine. I wish I had kept the card and pin they gave me.There are people who won’t vaccinate their children, I’m glad my parents weren’t of that mindset.

There are some horror stories about the vaccine though such as the Cutter Incident which show the importance of oversight of industries.

Now back to our regular programming for Halloween

Much is made of the tombstone at Blood Cemetery in Hollis with the finger pointed toward Heaven
New Ipswich has one of these too, wonder if  it downward at night


Classic design for a tombstone
The urn represents the body

Iron work at Center Cemetery

Winter day

New Ipswich, NH

Perhaps our most famous tombstone that I know of

Find more about Weather in New Ipswich, NH
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