Fall Foliage Art Studio Tour

It’s Columbus Day weekend and time for the annual
Fall Foliage Art Studio Tour

This year I was only able to visit two of the sites on the tour,
. Roland Coates and the Torch and Palette studio both located in New Ipswich

The works of other New Ipswich artist is currently on display at the
Sharon Art Center in Peterborough, NH. until Nov 1, 2014

Gargoyle sculpture by Gerry Friedman at Torch and Palette

Work in progress

Danielle M. Le Bris keeps her first Encaustic painting nearby as inspiration

The “palette” part of torch and palette

Encaustic painting has been around for centuries, it was used for painting portraits on mummy sarcophagus
Heated beeswax and pigments

Heat table for the waxwork

Studio at Torch and Palette

And the portrait of Gerry seems to judge this mannikin

Self Portrait – D. M. Le Bris

Anguish – Gerry Friedman

Encaustic works

Tour Specials

Roland explains his work

Browsing Roland’s work

Crossing a bridge to Roland’s studio

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