andres institue of art – The Quarry Trail

There is much to see at the andres institute of art in Brookline, NH,  72 sculptures located on Big Bear Mountains. This posting concentrates on some of the works along the Quarry Trail.

A4 Entrance Gate (Dreamcatcher) – John M. Weidman, New Hampshire, USA
Dreamcatcher detail
80 degrees heat on this September 28th, unbelievable!
It was nice walking these shaded paths. There are many beech trees which should be magnificent in October
when the leaves turn bright yellow

Evidence that this was once a quarry
A lone moosewood  sapling makes it’s way through the rocks

Sculpture 24
Didn’t see a description of the work. I concentrated on the details of the sculpture because I felt it made a better photograph
There was no way to frame the shot without the background looking too busy

The hand detail of sculpture 24

#43 Five Dimensions and Counting – David Phillips, Massachusetts, USA

#31 Bones of the Earth – David Phillips, Massachusetts, USA
This installment ran all the way along this rock ledge though the woods into the trail.
No way to photograph the entire piece, it must be seen in person

Detail of #31 Bones of the Earth, note the inlays

A view of the quarry

#57 Homeage – Mallory Feltz, Ohio, USA
#44 Memories – Jaya Schuerch, California, USA / Switzerland
One of the memories is floating in the quarry
Feeling Adventurous?
Not on this trip, next time
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