Saturday Photo Themes

A collection of Photo Themes for Saturday
Learn about this project on the GplusPhotoPages website
Abigail was my mother’s cat. A beautiful Siamese with blue eyes
At the time I was taking a photography class and learning how to develop B&W film

One of the photo themes is #QuirkyNature
There are few creatures that are odd as the jellyfish
This Comb Jelly doesn’t appear to have any sign of internal parts

I snapped this shot while watching this sunrise on Fire Island, NY

Pre-dawn time on Fire Island
Maybe this was the wrong shot for #SunriseSaturday because the sun is still below the horizon.
However it was such a great place to wait and watch.

Classic gravestone carving at the Bridge Street Cemetery at Eastham, Cape Cod.
I don’t often see skull and crossbones. The most common theme seems to be either an urn or willow tree
Graves of children might have a winged skull.

Non-view of Mount Monadnock at Cathedral of the Pines (obscured by clouds)
I chose this shot for #Bench

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