Fire Island Wedding

I can’t imagine a better venue for a wedding than a beach
Fire Island is the largest barrier island parallel to the south shore of Long Island, NY
We attended the wedding of Adam and Emily Poltrack on September 20th.
The weather was warm, the beach is amazing and even the ocean was warm enough for swimming at a time it hovered above freezing in New Hampshire.
What a treat to see so many of my relatives after so many years. They traveled from near and far.
I’ll be sharing those photos on my Flickr and Google accounts
These are mostly photos of the island
Emily and Adam wed September 20th, 2014

I thought these rusted staples in a pier made a nice abstract
Everywhere you go you see deer wandering around freely with NO FEAR whatsoever. All the gardens are surrounded with 8 foot fences.

Sunrise on the Atlantic
This was taken at 6:53

The island was 5 feet underwater during Hurricane Sandy
There is a feeble attempt to hold back the inevitable

Standing on a path you can see the bay on one side and the ocean on the other
The island is very narrow

Fire Island Hotel

Build it up high on the island

Hi Frank

Whatever this is

Wedding Chuppah

Having the open sky above is the recommended way for the ceremony since it is said that the couple’s ancestors are present at the ceremony

Comb Jelly
They don’t sting and exhibit biolumenesce

Use your cellphone only for photos

The town of NO

Our wedding table marker

Mr and Mrs Adam Poltrack

Reception at Flynn’s
What a great venue!



Sunday after the wedding

I love this beach

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