2014 Children’s Fair – Setup Work

The New Ipswich Congregational Church annual Children’s Fair is an annual event held on the third Saturday in August. The 153rd fair was held on August 16, 2014. Planning and preparation take place over the entire year. This posting shows some of the setup work involved prior to Fair Day.
Due to structural problems, the old town hall was not available for the white elephant sale. In July items were sorted and kept under wraps till Fair Day.

Many hands make light work as game are tents are set up 

Moving into position

Over the years a bit of tape is required to fix tears in the ice cream  tent

More tears and more tape

Unpacking white elephant treasures

Setting up the white elephant sale which was set up on the grounds outside the closed old town hall

Garden Shop setup (sans plants)

I missed out on these wind chimes, some lucky person must have got them

Artwork and posters too! Clothing was on sale next to the parsonage

Time is running out as Fair Day approaches

Looking for more tie wraps for the broken dish tent

Complicated game counter, wood, pins and hinges.

Expert help

Almost done

Brewing coffee  in preparation for ice coffee on Friday night

Organizing the bookstore

The right tool for driving tent stakes

Almost done with securing the tent for Butch’s Country Store

The finishing touches for the Garden Shop as plants arrive

On Saturday  Morning the chicken BBQ is prepared

Corn-Huskers hard at work on Saturday Morning

Sharing coffee with the other volunteers on Saturday before the the Fair opens 


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