Ruby-throated Hummingbirds battle for calories

These birds are such acrobats, at a fast shutter speed one can see how they brake with their tail feathers

Almost all the birds I see now are female. I assume most of the males have already left on migration. The males are ridiculously territorial, chasing everybody away from the feeders. Occasionally I will see two females on the same feeder.

One the banes of the Hummers are yellow jacket wasps,  that chase away the birds. Thankfully the birds can out-fly them. I’m no fan of these pests after being stung. Not sure of the best control since sugar water inevitably spills on the feeder surface. Bee guards just make it harder to clean the feeders.

Applying the brakes

Rivals, most of their energy is spent chasing each other away from the feeder. There is plenty for all.


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