New Hampshire Daylily Farm

I think Daylilies are the perfect perennial, easy to grow, beautiful and well behaved.
I visited the NH Daylily Farm in New Ipswich to view the flowers in full bloom and chat with Cathy and Gary Johnson.
   “Our farm is located at 48 Mason Road in New Ipswich, NH. A circa 1800 farmhouse, known in the history books as the Davis-Russell House, was a gift to us from our dear friend, Bud, when he passed away in 2007. His parents, Al and Gladys Hobbs purchased the property in the late 1950’s. Al had a passion for daylilies.

    We believe that Al tried to hybridize new lilies but we have found no records of him registering any new lilies. Over the years, the daylily patch had become overgrown. We felt we had to bring it back to the way it was so many years ago. So we dug and divided and replanted many beautiful daylilies. We’ve also purchased new varieties of named daylilies to add to our garden. In July, the colors are breathtaking. We welcome you to visit, with your camera.”

When Al owned the farm, he donated flowers to the New Ipswich Children’s Fair.  Cathy and Gary have been continuing that tradition. The Fair is held on the third Saturday in August (August 16th in 2014). I’ll be working in the Garden Shop, stop by and say hello. Here are some photos.
Lots of Bi-colored varieties
The beds, select a plant and Cathy and Gary will dig it up for you or wait till Fall which is more appropriate for planting.
I like this color
The Farmhouse
Pick a flower that matches your custom paint job on your antique car

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