Filming the Europeans in New Ipswich

Several scenes were filmed at Barrett House and Bullard-Barr House in New Ipswich, NH
Robin Ellis and Lee Remick filming a shot around the Central Cemetery


Film crew


The film crew complained about the sound of my camera shutter. I replied the chain saw in the distance was much louder. I was not going to pass up an opportunity like this.


It was fairly cold when they filmed this. Apparently Lee Remick had a hot water bottle.
I took the opportunity to meet Robin Ellis since at the time I was huge fan of the BBC series Poldark

2 thoughts on “Filming the Europeans in New Ipswich

  1. Hey, John! I was here, too! I was only 12, but Ross Poldark was my hero!!! I’d hop on my bike, fly over to New Ipswich after school, watch the filming. and hope for a glimpse of Robin Ellis! (I had no idea who “Lee” Remick was; thought she was a man!) Took me awhile to get up enough courage to say hello. But he was as charming and dashing as the character he played (but without the temper, haha)!
    Am actually going to see Robin & his lovely wife in New York tomorrow. He’s signing copies of his new cookbook. About 4-5 years ago, when his 1st book came out (“Delicious Dishes for Diabetics”), he did a book signing at a Starbucks in New York. It was the first time I had seen him since the filming, but I had shared my “Europeans” story with him via his blog and he remembered my name, gave me a warm hug and treated me (and my husband) like an old friend! He has fond memories of New Ipswich and was genuinely interested in what the area is like now. Some of us who had traveled a distance all sat down with him and his American wife, Meredith, and chatted for hours and hours about making Poldark, The Europeans, some of his other movies, life in France (where they live now), cooking, his –and our– cats, his wife’s involvement in “Democrats Abroad”–even everyone’s favorite TV shows! Such a lovely man!!


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