Deep in the catalog – September 2006 – All dried up

2677 to 2671 days ago

Subscribers of this blog have seen plenty of photos of the flood control dam 35 located on the Souhegan River in New Ipswich, NH. I walk this route daily usually with a camera. This a beautiful spot and beats walking on a treadmill.
Our criteria for conditions is that the temperature must be at least 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The middle of the dam is a natural wind tunnel and we have braved 12 degree days of stinging snow and high winds. 
A few times the entire area was flooded which is what the dam is designed to do. It throttles the flow downstream. New Ipswich is the headwaters of the Souhegan a river that flows to Wilton, Milford and eventually to the Merrimack River.
I’ve seen this area underwater and I’ve seen it like this:
Damsite 35

A chance to imagine what this looked like before the dam

View from the trail along the dam

As the water receded (this was an intentional event)

High and dry 

John, Butch and “Bud” survey the dam drainage

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