Happy New Year – Thanks for your readership

Happy 2014

I want to thank the folks that take the time to visit my blogs and website. I have fun doing this and even make a few dollars via the Amazon links and advertising (certainly not enough to retire). I attempt to post content that is of interest to my readers.
New Years day is a time for making resolutions and mine may summarized as “more and less”. MORE music, photography, exercise, laughter, family,friends and LESS negativity. This is an ambitious goal. Getting started today!

Resolution 1 – More Photos

In the final months of 2013, I discovered that New Ipswich has a Photo Club. They meet on the second Wednesday of the month at the New Ipswich Library. The next meeting will be held on January 8th from 6 to 8 PM. Did you get a camera for Christmas? Come join us!
Our December photo walk location was Central Cemetery in New Ipswich
This is detail of some lichens on a grave stone

I found this unique carving on another stone

One of the ongoing themes of the Photo Club is a photo for each letter of the alphabet

D is for Duck

Festive trees was another theme. I had some fun with the zoom on the camera with a long exposure

Another alphabet letter

F is for Feather

A group photo walk to an old barn in Jaffrey provided lots of opportunities for photos
It was fun seeing how different members would approach the same subject

The lighting was perfect for capturing the muted colors of this barn

I experimented a bit with HDR for this interior shot of the Jaffrey barn

Moody isn’t it?

Another theme was “confined spaces”
I tried a number of photos in the trunk, but the engine was most interesting

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