Deep in the catalog – April 9, 2005

3186 Days Ago

I started this project as a way to categorize and edit 10 years with digital photography. What is surprising is seeing how quickly the earliest years are proceeding. I started with a March photo in 2004 on December 18th and I’ve already jumped into Springtime in 2005. My first digital camera was a  Canon PowerShot A80 point and shoot. The “A” series was a good choice because it used regular AA batteries. When I went digital I left the comfortable world of SLRs and had to rely on a display screen. I would eventually remedy that obstacle.

I thought I was being clever with the name “Deep in the Catalog” but at some point it will be “Middle of the Catalog” or even “Shallow in the Catalog”.

I loved this plant, but couldn’t keep through the winter
1/1000 sec

Houseplant Cactus (still have it)

1/500 sec


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