Deep in the catalog – Coast Guard Beach, off season

Deep in the catalog – 3560 days ago

We awoke today to a balmy minus two degrees temperature reading (-18 Celsius), an event that makes me think of warmer days in the sun at the beach.

One of my favorite beaches is Coast Guard Beach, located on the National Seashore on Cape Cod. I have many photos of it in August and July at the height of the vacation season, but not many off season. We spent a weekend in March of 2004 for my wife’s birthday. It was cold that weekend, but it wasn’t -2.

In the summer the shuttle buses would be stopping here

At least the snow was off most of the sand

Coast Guard house, a great photo subject

Almost monochrome in a appearance, the Atlantic ocean

All photos March 3, 2004
Canon PowerShot A80 (Point and Shoot)


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