Happy 7th Birthday! to my first (and favorite) blog

I started this blog on December 16, 2006 with a posting about Bill Richardson, who had showed up in my hometown. Originally I conceived the blog as a way to share family photos and news but quickly discovered that it was too public for that.

In the seven years I have posted 423 items with 53823 page views.

Top pageviews by USA but a surprising number from China
Maybe I should post more photos from my trip in 1985

I was surprised by the number of pageview of our stolen sign post
The sign was never recovered but a few similar ones remain on other roads

Over the seven years I have had some fun with this. I’ve changed the format and name a few times. I’ve added advertising, mostly as a way to justify the time spend on this. Trust me, this is pennies, but it makes it seem like I’m getting paid. Thankfully I have a real job.

I’m not a writer, I love photography and this provides a convenient way to share photos with an audience. Currently this seems to be a good medium to share current events with my community. So many of the later posts are of town events and activities.

I’d like to thank all the folks that have added to that page view count. I hope to bring you interesting contents as we grow into our 8th year.

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