Deep in the catalog – 10 years of digital photos

Deep in the catalog – 3590 days ago

Happy Friday the 13th (13-12-13).

December is the month we look back at the year and reflect upon where we were and where we are going.

I’ve  undertaken the task of scanning 40 years of slides and posting them on my companion photo blog with the title DAILY ANALOG PHOTO. Eventually I’ll run out since I quit film photography when they took my Kodachrome away (bet you hear the song in your head).

This blog has been in operation for almost 7 years, which is ancient in computer years. The first posting was made December 16th 2006. I’ve been taking digital photos for over 10 years and have dutifully tagged and categorized them. Since December is a time to look back I’ve decided to share them on a fairly regular basis on this blog. I welcome your comments and observations.

Pickles (RIP)
February 14, 2004
Canon Powershot A80
Seems appropriate to start this project with a cat photo on the internet doesn’t it?

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