New Ipswich Photo Club

The New Ipswich Photo Club meets in the New Ipswich Library on the second Wednesday of the month from 6:00 to 8:00PM.

Just recently I joined this friendly group. We are working on photos for the alphabet (photo of an apple for A, E for Egg etc), and a theme (festive trees for December). We discuss photography and take a look at photos we have taken over the month. The group decides on a field trip location for a photowalk. For December we visited Sawyers farm in Jaffrey.

I’ve taken the liberty of creating an Google Community called New Ipswich Photo Club which hopefully might be of use to the group and of interest to the community. I’ve made it private.

I’ll share a few of my choices for my “festive tree” theme for December.

Our tree in Hyperspeed
Experimenting with zooming in a long exposure

Another experiment

Doing some “light painting” moving the camera


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