Memphis Tennessee – Poor People’s March

I discovered some photos that I had taken in 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee. I was was attending Avionics Training in Millington, Tennessee . At every opportunity I would catch the Navy Bus to travel to Memphis.

The USO used to provide Sunday Meals which was a nice change from chow hall food (think grits, s**t on a shingle, and even rabbit). I even managed to get free matinee symphony tickets. I may have been the only sailor that went to the symphony.

This was the height of the civil rights movement in the south. There were demonstrations and I grew tired of hearing racist rants from some of my instructors. We were instructed to stay away from certain streets in Memphis including Beale Street, the “Home of the Blues”. I still regret missing out on that, although in the 1960s it was quite run down.

Still I managed to witness one march which I guess was part of the Poor People’s March. I can’t date the exact date, but I suspect these photos were taken in September 1968.

I’m trying to identify this corner


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