Veterans Day 2013

I spent Sunday morning at the Currier Museum of Art to see the exhibit Visual Dispatches from the Vietnam War featuring 35 iconic wartime photos that brought the images of war into the living rooms of America.

It was an emotional experience made more poignant because it featured commentaries of the photographers, describing what it was like to witness these events.

It appears that Vietnam will be the first and last television war. The images are too disturbing. Iraq and Afghanistan have fallen off the radar except for the men and women who  are directly involved in the conflict.

We hear phrases like “Support our Troops” spoken by politicians who are itching to jump into Syria or Iran while orchestrating a government shutdown that directly affected care and aid to veterans.

It’s not about parades, speeches and sales events. We need to help the men and women we have placed in harms way and do everything possible to prevent war.

I’m providing a list of some the photographers featured in the exhibit. I encourage you to take a look at their work.

One Ride with Yankee Papa 13 – Larry Burrows

Henri Huet  – French war photographer

Horst Fass – German photo-journalist

Don McCullin – British photo-journalist

Malcolm Browne – American journalist and photo-journalist

Eddie Adams – American photographer and photojournalist

Nick Ut – photographer for Associated Press (video interview below)

About A Photograph : Nick Ut from thinkTank Photo on Vimeo.


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