VillageCemetery – Peterborough NH

Today’s photo theme on G+ is #cemeterysaturday so it was fortuitous that the Peterborough Historical Society sponsored a guided tour of Village Cemetery on Concord Street. Michelle Stahl led the tour pointing out prominent graves and explaining the changing views of death that took place in the 1800s.

  The  word cemetery is derived from the  Greek κοιμητήριον, meaning  “sleeping place”.

Lieut. Col. Charles Scott of the Sixth New Hampshire:

“We left Newport’s News on Tuesday, the 11th, with 254 soldiers, four officers, three ladies, and one child. At Fortress Monroe we took on 17 men, making in all 279 souls. On Wednesday evening, the 13th, about 9 o’clock, off ragged point, on the Potomac, we were startled by a shock, and soon discovered that a collision had taken place between our steamer and another, named the George Peabody, bound down the river. The West Point began to leak very fast, and it was ascertained that she would sink in less than ten minutes. The Peabody, which had been partially disabled, could render no assistance, except with small boats.”

Michelle Stahl explaining the post war interest in American History after the Civil War almost undid our democracy.

I was curious about the Latin which I flunked in High School
This means “I shall rise again”

New Hampshire was a long way from the slavery in the South but Fanny Smith had this inscription added .
She also left money for the education of black women.
She was motivated after hearing  Frederick Douglas speak.

The monolith dwarfs other tombstones

View of the cemetery

A common motif, urn represents the body, the willow is mourning
The obelisks were a nod to Egyptian architecture which was in vogue

Interesting inscription


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