Village Cemetery Peterborough NH – Countdown to Halloween

I visited Village Cemetery  on Concord Street in Peterborough, NH as part of my countdown to Halloween project. Older cemeteries has more detail about the residents sometimes describing how they died. An example is  Mary Sophia who drowned in the Dreadful Disaster on the Potomac as reported in the New York Times. Carvings and stone work was also more elaborate than a series of bronze markers that can accommodate a lawn mower. Village has obelisks, urns and some ornate sculptures.

The Steamer West Point was loaded with wound soldiers, wonder if Mary was a nurse

Too much to see, waiting for the next cemetery tour

This disturbed me a bit, two siblings

One of many urns

Older stones blend in with the landscape

The town tomb was unlatched but I decided not to open the door (which is stone)
There was a vent pip on the top of the hillock, first time I’ve seen one of those

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