Pyroman Update

Pyroman has been thrilling folks in New Ipswich for some time. I believe his first performance was a death defying run through a wall of fire at his pig roast. Donning a Nomex suit he has performed in subsequent events, always with more spectacular effects.

The trusty suit did succumb to some damage in his September 7th performance, but thankfully Pyroman was unscathed. Blaze on Pyroman, Blaze on!

Pyroman Sept 7, 2013

Vintage Pyroman July 16, 2005
Early Pyroman would ride a bicycle through the flaming wall of death.
Only later did the performance evolve into the “fully engulfed” man on fire

In June of 2009, Pyroman introduced a pinwheel to his body, producing a peacock tail effect

Scorched Nomex from September 2013 performance

No one knows what is next for Pyroman

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