High Street repair work

After a heavy bout of rains in April 2010, part of the hillside on High Street in Greenville, NH slid into the Souhegan. The road has remained closed since that event.

After three years, funds were found to repair the hillside.

April Fools Day 2010
Sept 14, 2013 – Mudslide damage is still evident but work is underway with
the construction of a retaining wall
The slide was extensive taking full grown trees

Telephoto view of the “wall”

Business end of a pile driver

View of the wall from High Street

Serious hydraulics power the pile driver. Not the markings on the girders.
I assuming that is the measurement in feet.

View from the wall across the Souhegan.
High Street is well named, may be the highest point in Greenville.

Hopefully this shot gives a idea of the scale of this project.


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