Parker River National Wildlife Refuge – Day Tripping

I haven’t been to Plum Island for 25 years, a serious oversight. The area features wonderful beaches and is a great place for birders.

I am bereft of a decent telephoto lens, but I’m a fan of natural beaches and Parker River doesn’t disappoint. In 25 years they have added a beautiful visitors center. Because I possess a senior National Park Pass my admission is free! How great is that?

Driving down the 6 mile road I observed white egret type birds  in the salt marsh. I leave that photography to the folks with the right lens. The birder come to this place in droves (or is that flocks?).

I’ll share some photos of the Hellcat Wildlife Observation Center which features two distinctive loop trails, a dune walk and a marsh walk. Both on wonderful boardwalks.

I tagged this post as #DayTripping because it falls within a 2 hour travel window from New Ipswich.

Fishing line and all plastic is BAD for wildlife

Ocean was calm that day

Plenty of seating areas


Fun to walk these paths, my younger kids would have loved it.

Suppose this could all be collection of condos and high priced mansions.. but it’s NOT!

Beach Plums Galore

Marsh Loop, I was the only one!

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